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Resolution Opposing Nomination of Gina Haspel for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

A RESOLUTION urging Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to oppose the confirmation of Gina Haspel as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

WHEREAS, Ms. Haspel oversaw a secret interrogation site in Thailand during the George W. Bush administration that reportedly engaged in brutal interrogation practices fairly characterized as torture, and was involved in the destruction of tapes documenting these practices which could be considered Federal records and possible evidence.

WHEREAS, torture violates common human decency as well as the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

WHEREAS, reported suggestions that Ms. Haspel was “just following orders” do not justify her confirmation, given that the United Nations International Law Commission has stated that “the fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

WHEREAS, there is legitimate concern that, if confirmed, Ms. Haspel will continue the brutal practices of secret interrogation sites.

WHEREAS, more than 50 Virginia elected officials and leaders from progressive and faith communities have signed onto a letter, organized by the Center for Victims of Torture, that opposes the confirmation of Ms. Haspel due to her prominent role in the Bush administration’s covert torture program.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Arlington County Democratic Committee urges Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to oppose the confirmation of Gina Haspel as Director of the CIA, because her confirmation would send a disturbing message that torture is acceptable and will be rewarded.

Passed and Approved this Resolution on the Second day of May, 2018.

Read the full resolution with footnotes here.

Blue Victory Dinner Breaks Records and Energizes Arlington Democrats

Arlington, VA – April 22, 2018— Arlington Democrats are excited to announce record-breaking turn out and fundraising from last night’s Blue Victory Dinner.  Fundraising broke the $50,000 mark before the event began, with 350 tickets purchased in advance – a hundred more than previous records.

The mood was electric, beginning with that the award-winning podcast Pantsuit Politics hosting a VIP reception with special honorees Hala Ayala, Jennifer Carroll Foy, Karrie Delaney, Wendy Gooditis, Elizabeth Guzman, Danica Roem and Kathy Tran – seven of the eleven women who flipped seats from red to blue in the House of Delegates last year – and ending with Senator Tim Kaine’s keynote speech, which laid out the positive Democratic agenda and served as a call to action.

The Blue Victory Dinner honored the women who have done the extraordinary: stepped into the arena, worked their hearts out in campaigns, delivered inspiring messages involving real solutions, and turned out historical numbers of fellow citizens to vote.  By flipping seats in the House of Delegates from red to blue, these women not only have reclaimed power for the Democratic Party; they’ve set an example for what it means to speak to, and for, broad, diverse, and representative groups of constituents.  These women are the future, and Arlington Democrats came out in force to celebrate them – because Arlington, too, is showing the way to America’s future:

  • A future in which women have an equal voice in government, in business, and in civic life;
  • A future in which diversity in all its forms is a strength and not a source of division;
  • A future in which smart growth works hand-in-hand with strong environmental stewardship;
  • A future in which good and honest government works for everyone; and
  • A future in which education and training are at the core of personal success, civic engagement, and good governance.

The Blue Victory Dinner also recognized volunteer award winners, who have worked tirelessly to help Arlingtonians register, vote, and engage. They also have looked beyond Arlington to support other communities as they map their own bright futures. The following awards were presented: 

Newcomer of the Year, to Joshua Kaplowitz, for spearheading the Blue Families program, which organizes family-friendly events that provide opportunities for parents to engage by canvassing, writing post cards, and participating in the political process while spending time with their children and passing on a sense of civic responsibility.

Unsung Hero, to Jean Christensen, for her stewardship of Marshall Precinct and her tireless efforts leading the Arlington Democrats participation in Arlington’s many farmers markets.

Campaigner of the Year, to Steve Baker, for conceptualizing and running the Beyond Arlington program, which mobilizes the energy of Arlington Democrats to help progressive Democratic Candidates from Prince Willian County to Arizona.

Precinct Captain of the Year, to Cheryl Roesel, for her tireless efforts to turnout the vote in Arlington Forest Precinct, including a canvass that engaged all voters, regardless of known political affiliation, in a civil discussion of practical solutions to the issues facing Arlingtonians.

Jean Marshall Crawford Women’s Leadership Award, to Heather Keppler, who founded the highly successful Women’s Huddle for Falls Church and the Westover area of Arlington and brought her grassroots energy to the Democratic Party by becoming a Precinct Captain for Lexington Precinct.

Mary Marshall Outstanding Democrat Award, to former Arlington Democrats Chair Kip Malinosky, for more than a decade of inspired leadership of, and relentless dedication to, the Democratic Party in Arlington.

Reflecting on the evening, current Arlington Democrats Chair Jill Caiazzo noted: “The Arlington Democrats are leading the next stage of the Resistance, focused on reigniting the joyful optimism that built this great country. That joy, which electrified the Blue Victory Dinner, will be the lifeforce of the Blue Wave of 2018.”

Blue Victory Dinner 2018

Join the Arlington County Democratic Committee at the Westin Arlington Gateway for the annual Blue Victory Dinner on Saturday, April 21st!

Click HERE to purchase tickets!

Arlington Democrats is excited to announce its special guests for the Blue Victory Dinner, the Arlington Democrat’s largest annual event held to support candidates and party activities! Senator Tim Kaine joins us as the key-note speaker, and seven of the eleven Democratic women who made history last November by winning House of Delegate seats will be honored at the event. They are:
  • Danica Roem
  • Hala Ayala
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy
  • Wendy Gooditis
  • Elizabeth Guzman
  • Karrie Delaney
  • Kathy Tran
Senator Kaine and these newly-elected women Delegates represent the best of what we are building together here in Virginia. These Democratic leaders are inclusive, forward-looking, and results-oriented–just like the hard-working Virginians they represent. They reach across lines to embrace all of their constituents and fight to
find practical solutions to every-day problems.
Arlington Democrats are thrilled to recognize these leaders. Their actions and their leadership–along with the inspiration provided by the scores of activists who proudly stand with them–will propel Virginia into a fairer and more prosperous future for all.
The Blue Victory Dinner will take place April 21, 2018, at the Westin Arlington Gateway. A special VIP reception is scheduled before the dinner. Tickets are on sale now for the Blue Victory Dinner and the VIP reception. Early-bird pricing is valid only until April 7, 2018, so purchase your tickets now! Tickets are available online at

We are excited to announce that nominations for the annual volunteer awards presented at the dinner are now open!

Nominations will be accepted starting now until 11:59 p.m.Friday, April 6th. You have 3 weeks to submit your nominations for the following awards:

  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Campaigner of the Year
  • Precinct Captain of the Year
  • Jean Marshall Crawford Award (Outstanding Female Activist)
  • Mary Marshall Outstanding Democrat Award Unsung Hero Award

Here is the link for submitting nominations, in case you would like to share it:

Arlington Democrats are excited to announce that the award-winning podcast Pantsuit Politics will host this year’s Blue Victory Dinner VIP reception. For the first time ever, the VIP reception will serve as a live podcast, with reception attendees serving as audience members who are part of the conversation Pantsuit Politics will convene with the Blue Victory Dinner honored guests.

Voted by The Guardian as one of the best podcasts of 2017, Pantsuit Politics features Sarah Stewart Holland “from the left” and Beth Silvers “from the right,” creating a space to discuss politics with “no shouting, no insults, and plenty of nuance”. This dynamic duo is bringing their sweat-it-out-to-find-solutions approach to Arlington to speak to seven of the eleven Democratic women who made history last November by winning House of Delegate seats.

Sarah and Beth will sit down with Hala Ayala, Danica Roem, Jennifer Carroll Foy, Wendy Gooditis, Elizabeth Guzman, Karrie Delaney, and Kathy Tran to discuss their historic wins, why representation matters, the importance of inclusive representation, and how all of us bring multi-layered experiences to governance and the legislative process.

Pantsuit Politics has 40,000 followers, with each podcast generating between 10,000 and 15,000 hits, for a total of over 2 million independent downloads. Find out more about Pantsuit Politics here:

Come be part of the podcast VIP reception with Sarah and Beth from 5:45pm – 6:45pm, and join us for dinner at 7 pm at the Westin Arlington Gateway! Tickets for the 21 April Blue Victory Dinner and the VIP reception are on sale now at

Press Release: March for Our Lives Weekend of Action

Please join Arlington Dems, Network NoVA, Indivisible Arlington, Moms Demand Action,Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Together We Will for a Weekend of Action in honor of March for Our Lives:
Friday Night: Poster Making Party
Bring your favorite dish for a pot luck dinner, comradery, and poster making in preparation for the March!
  • Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Place: Faith Lutheran Church
  • Address: 3313 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201
Saturday: March from Memorial Bridge to the March for Our Lives
Meet us so we can walk to the March together, carrying our One of Many banner! We March with Network NoVA and Together We Will.
  • Time: 10:30 am
  • Place: Virginia side of Memorial Bridge
Sunday: Town Hall in support of action in Virginia
Get inspired to action by our speakers:
Jill Caiazzo, Chair Arlington Democrats
Yasmine Taeb, Alumnus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Student Activist (to be confirmed)
Celia Slater, Moms Demand Action
Josh Horwitz, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Kris Brown, Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence
Sheriff Beth Arthur, Arlington County Sheriff
Tannia Talento, Arlington School Board
Representative Chris Hurst, Virginia 12th District
  • Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Place: Faith Lutheran Church
  • Address: 3313 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

Read the full press release and check the 1 of Many Weekend of Action page.

Momentum Growing Among Arlington Democrats Joining March to the Polls on January 20, 2018 in Support of Democratic Values

Arlington, VA – January 15, 2018 — The Arlington County Democratic Committee (Arlington Democrats) announced last week its plans to commemorate the anniversary of the Women’s March in support of Democratic values. As part of the #WeekendofAction2018, this year’s march serves as a celebration for what we have accomplished in the past year, a reminder that the resistance is strong and growing stronger, and a call to action for the coming year.

We are Marching on the Polls this year, and momentum is growing as grass-roots organizations coordinate with Arlington Democrats. Marching in solidarity with Arlington Democrats are,

• Arlington Young Democrats,
• Our Revolution Arlington,
• Network NOVA,
• Together We Will NOVA,
• Indivisible Arlington,
• We of Action, and
• Blue Families.

See here for more information regarding the #WeekendofAction2018 events.

Read the full press release here.


What can you do? Raise your voice, early and often 


Children, teenagers, and young adults in Virginia—known nationally as Dreamers—are facing deportation before, on, or shortly after March 5th if Congress and the President don’t act. Following bipartisan negotiations, Democratic Congressional leaders offered major concessions on other immigration issues, including funding for Trump’s Wall, in exchange for a path to citizenship for Dreamers. Your voice is needed to ensure that a compromise protecting Dreamers is enacted into law, now.

Dreamers are young people who were brought into the United States without documentation, by others, as small children. They have grown up here and know no other home. Like earlier immigrants, many have distinguished themselves, developing strong academic records and a committed work ethic. Over 80% are employed and, if they stay, would pay over $20 billion in taxes over the next decade.

Yet hardliners in the White House and on the Hill want to deport Dreamers. President Trump’s position is unclear. In the fall, he cancelled DACA renewals. Many Dreamers have since lost their status and hence their ability to work legally. (Following a temporary court order, renewals recently resumed, but the order is not expected to be in effect long.) And Trump has directed that the program end entirely on March 5 unless Congress acts. Yet Trump has suggested several times that he would sign a DACA compromise.

Without legislation, over 700,000 Dreamers, including many in Arlington, will face eventual deportation to a country where they have few ties. There are many stories about individual Dreamers, their accomplishments and hopes, and the dramatic uncertainties and dangers these young people now face through no fault of their own. Hearing these accounts, over 80% of Americans and a majority of Republicans want to allow Dreamers to become citizens.

The future of DACA has become entangled with the need to appropriate funding to keep the government open past Friday, January 19. Whatever the outcome of that issue, Democrats must stand together to protect Dreamers. Call your representatives and demand that they provide residency and a path to citizenship for all Dreamers, now.


Contact your Representatives

Proposed script: I strongly support U.S. residency and a path to citizenship for all Dreamers. Any other course would be cruel and un-American. Please fight for this legislation.

Sen. Mark Warner- DC: (202) 224-2023; Abingdon: 276-628-8158; Norfolk: 757-441-3079; Richmond: 804-775-2314; Roanoke: 540-857-2676; Vienna: 703-442-0670

Sen. Tim Kaine- DC: (202) 224-4024; Abingdon: (276) 525-4790; Danville: (434) 792-0976; Manassas: (703) 361-3192; Richmond: (804) 771-2221; Roanoke: (540) 682-5693; Virginia Beach: (757) 518-1674

Rep. Don Beyer- DC: (202) 225-4376; Alexandria: 703-658-5403


Also, call these Representatives, from purple districts in Virginia

Rep. Scott Taylor- DC: (202) 225-4215; Virginia Beach (757) 364-7650; Eastern Shore: (757) 646-7357; Yorktown: (757) 364-7650

Rep. Dave Brat- DC: (202) 225-2815; Glen Allen: (804) 747-4073; Spotsylvania: (504) 507-7216

Rep. Barbara Comstock- DC: (202) 225-5136; Loudoun County: (703) 404-6903; Winchester: (540) 773-3600


Read the full alert here.

ACDC Resolution of Support For Arlington County Immigrants, Immigrant Protection, and Dreamers

In December, the Arlington County Democratic Committee adopted a resolution asking Arlington’s congressional representatives to “strongly support the Dream Act and oppose President Trump’s various actions that play to fear about immigration….”

The resolution can be read in its entirety here.


ACDC Reorganizes with a Vision of Inclusiveness and Prosperity

Arlington, VA – January 11, 2018 — The Arlington County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce it reorganized yesterday evening and elected a new slate of officers to lead the party for the next two years. A standing-room only, joyful crowd attended the reorganization meeting to say goodbye to outgoing Chair Kip Malinosky and to elect new precinct captains and Steering Committee Members, including contested seats of Chair and Secretary. Malinosky, who has overseen a re-energizing of the Arlington Democrats, summed up the theme of the evening in his farewell speech: “We need to build engines of social change to move the country forward no matter which way the wind is blowing. The Arlington County Democratic Committee is one of those engines of change.”

To that end, the party selected Jill Caiazzo to succeed Malinosky as chair. Caiazzo gave a rousing entreaty, explaining that a vote for her today was a commitment to fight for tomorrow. “The Trump era represents a pivotal moment for the Democratic Party. With progressive policies under attack daily, we have much to fight against – but we also must demonstrate that we have a positive, solutions-oriented vision that is worth fighting for. The dynamic and talented members of the Arlington Democrats are ready to meet this challenge.”

Incoming Secretary Marc Beallor, who is heavily involved with local grassroots organizations, envisioned a future Democratic Party that would return to its progressive roots, cooperate with local grassroots organizations, and begin again “to speak to the real needs of our citizens — to make the Democratic Party the party of all people.”

Continue reading…

ACDC Joins the Women’s March on Washington 2018

Arlington, VA – January 8, 2018 — The Arlington County Democratic Committee (Arlington Democrats) is pleased to announce it is planning to March to commemorate the anniversary of the Women’s March and in support of Democratic values.

One year ago, the Arlington Democrats organized a group to attend the Women’s March.  In marching, the group found inspiration and energy to fuel the resistance.  Over the course of the last year, Democrats in Arlington and nationwide have harnessed that energy into electoral victories.  This anniversary March, as part of the #WeekendofAction2018, serves as a celebration for what we have accomplished in the past year, a reminder that the resistance is strong and growing stronger, and a call to action for the coming year.  We are Marching on the Polls this year!

Arlington Democrats are committed to unity and diversity, among our many Democratic values.  As such, the Arlington Democrats’ theme for this activity is “One of Many for a Commonsense Commonwealth.”

The following events are being planned by the Arlington Democrats, in cooperation with several progressive grassroots organizations:

Poster Making Party: Friday, January 19

March: Saturday, January 20

  • We will meet at the Arlington entrance to the Memorial Bridge. We will march into DC at 10:00 am with our “One of Many” banner and participants’ posters and, once in DC, meet and rally with March Forward Virginia.
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Place: Arlington entrance to the Memorial Bridge

Solidarity Brunch: Sunday, January 21

  • Join us for an empowerment brunch, where we will discuss our plans for the exciting 2018 election!
  • Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm
  • Place: Ireland’s Four Courts
  • Address: 2051 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

Events co-sponsored by Arlington Young Democrats, Our Revolution Arlington, Network NOVA, and Together We Will NOVA.

Read the press release here.

ACDC 2018 Officer Filing Forms & Reorganization Rules

At 7:15 pm on January 10, 2018, the Arlington County Democratic Committee (“ACDC”) will convene an Assembled Caucus to reorganize pursuant to Section V.A of its Bylaws. This caucus will be held at the NRECA building at 4301 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, VA. The filing deadline is January 8, 2018 at 5:00 pm.