Wheelchair Access to the ACDC Headquarters

Wheelchair Access to the ACDC Headquarters

2050 Wilson Blvd., Suite 200

Visitors who use wheelchairs may access ACDC Headquarters through two paths – via the building’s parking garage (accessible from N. 15th St.) or through the access door at the connecting Cosi restaurant (accessible from Wilson Blvd.).

Phone Numbers:
ACDC Main Number: 703-528-8588
Cosi: 703-522-0300
Arlington Blue Top Cab: 703-650-0894
Arlington Red Top Cab: 703-522-3333

For any issues, please contact one of the ACDC Wheelchair Access Coordinators:

  • Stacey Whyte (Administration@arlingtondemocrats.org).
  • Mike Lieberman (Chair@arlingtondemocrats.org, 703-408-3940)
  • Maureen Markham (Maureen@arlingtondemocrats.org).
  • Kip Malinosky (202-841-8636)
  • Charley Conrad (703-835-6614)

Parking Garage Access

  1. Visitors using wheelchairs who arrive by vehicle will be provided with priority parking for the building. Please park in the spaces marked for Suite 200.
  2. Dial the ACDC Main Number to obtain the keypad code for garage entry.
  3. If an individual needs additional assistance upon arrival in the parking garage, dial the ACDC Main Number and ACDC will send someone to help.
  4. If a visitor prefers to enter or exit from the ACDC office through the parking garage but does not have access to a vehicle, ACDC will hire an ADA-accessible taxi to bring the visitor from the street level into the parking garage or vice versa. Users of this service should keep their receipts and submit them to the ACDC Treasurer’s box at ACDC Headquarters for reimbursement. We recommend calling Arlington Blue Top Cab or Red Top Cab 45 minutes prior to the anticipated trip to avoid any waiting.

Cosi Access

  1. Visitors seeking to enter through Cosi are requested to call ACDC Main Number at least five minutes before arrival at Cosi to inform a volunteer of their expected arrival time. A representative of ACDC will contact Cosi to arrange entry to the elevator area through their access door.
  2. 2) To depart the office through Cosi, please call Cosi 5 minutes prior to your expected departure time, and a Cosi employee will come to the first floor door to provide access to the restaurant.

Restroom Access

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available at Cosi for all visitors to ACDC Headquarters. To gain restroom access, please call Cosi, and an employee of the restaurant will open the door to the restaurant and provide restroom access.